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Flora Chatbot

Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE), an independent unit of the state government, provides affordable health coverage to Marylanders.

While working as a web content specialist at MHBE, I collaborated with UX designers and developers to implement a chatbot onto our site. The goal of this project was to decrease the high call volume during open enrollment and increase customer satisfaction. 

Creating conversation flow charts 

One of the most challenging but crucial parts of the chatbot project was designing a conversation flow chart. Making the initial flow chart you see below allowed me to assess our content needs and decide when to link to an existing page or redirect our users to a live agent. I decided on the content for each section based on the data we received from customer support regarding the most frequently asked questions.

The result:

Flora, a rule-based chatbot, answers common questions in chat format and helps reset passwords. More than 500,000 questions have been answered to date. Implementation of the Flora chatbot resulted in a decrease in call center volume by nearly 10% during open enrollment.

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